Our CBD oil is made from hemp and is 100% legal. This is the legal version of Cannabis (Marijuana) and is safe to use with no known harmful side effects.

Everyone is talking about how brilliant Cannabis is for serious conditions, you will have read and heard about it in the news. There's some confusion as its not been explained to people that Cannabis has two seperate strains of plant used for the production of CBD oil.

One is Marijuana the other is Hemp

The difference between Marijuana and Hemp is that Marijuana makes you high as its got 17% THC which is hallucinatory.

Our hemp CBD oil has less than 0.03% THC which means even if you drink the whole 1,000 drop bottle (3 months supply) in one go, you won't get high.

  • Taking Marijuana CBD oil is illegal in the UK
  • Taking Hemp CBD oil is 100% legal in the UK


There are two strengths available

500mg and 1,000mg

  • For general health choose the 500mg
  • For serious conditions choose the 1,000mg strength

We sell sample bottles from St Annes but its just as easy to buy direct from our 100% secure website