PTSD programmes can last between 3 to 24hrs depending how quickly you change and how many traumatic incidents you have in your life. Everyone is different with clients healing at different speeds yet an average is 3 days to clear deep seated PTSD triggers.

If you want to work through your memories & events fast then this is the way to go.

Join Andy for individual half or all-day PTSD Clearing Programmes @ St Annes Pain Clinic cost £60.00 per hour

We will work through your whole lifetime of traumatic events not just the most recent - this is key to your recovery.

Included is a PDF of instructions from Andy Eckley PTSD trauma therapist, along with many hours of hypnotherapy type tracks that will help you if you follow the instructions - the $156 dollar package has over 6 hrs of audios guaranteed to help you heal.

Note: You can always book a Skype session with me and I will guide you thorough the process.

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Option 1

PTSD Toolkit (Self Help - Basic Package) **$99 USD ***

Option 2

PTSD Toolkit (Self Help - Advanced) ** $136 USD ***

Option 3

PTSD Toolkit (Therapists - Recommended!) ** $156 USD ***

Self-Help Option

You can download a PTSD toolkit which you can use on your own to help reduce your symptoms - this comes with FREE email support

Below are the three main groups of symptoms associated with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Hyper-arousal symptoms

  • Having a difficult time falling or staying asleep.

  • Feeling irritable or often having outbursts of anger.

  • Having difficulty concentrating.

  • Feeling constantly "on guard" or feel afraid that danger is around every corner.

  • Feeling"jumpy" easily startled.

Re-experiencing symptoms

  • Frequently having thoughts or memories about a traumatic event.

  • Having recurrent nightmares.

  • Acting or feeling as though the traumatic event were happening again, sometimes called a "flashback."

  • Having strong feelings of fear when reminded of the traumatic event.

  • Being physically responsive to reminders of your traumatic events, such as experiencing a surge in adrenaline resulting in increased heart rate and sweating.

Avoidance symptoms

  • Avoiding thoughts, memories of your traumatic events.

  • Avoiding people, places that remind you of your traumatic memories.

  • Having trouble remembering the events (blocking them out).

  • Feeling detached from others.

  • Feeling that others don't understand your fears & anxiety.

  • Having difficulty feeling loving towards others.